01About QR Order

Order on a menu
via a QR Code.

Customers can order by simply loading a QR Code.
Customers can do so on their own phones, meaning no tablets are necessary.
With low setup costs, QR Order is perfect for restaurants and small businesses.

FREETry now!

QR Order is a great measure against coronavirus!

Keep social distance. Protect each other.

In the time of COVID-19, QR Order helps reduce staff and customer interaction by 30%. QR Order provides a reassuring solution to customers, by granting them the ability to order via their smartphones.

But by using QR Order...
Employees can work more efficiently.

  • Speed up flow by reducing ordering time.
  • Increase revenue by improving time allocation.

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All features from the menu and admin can be used during the trial period.

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02The merits of using QR Order

Improve efficiency, cut down on personnel costs, and protect from COVID-19. Start your free trial today!

  • MERIT01

    Speed up eat-in and take-out service.

  • MERIT02

    Manage your menu from your smartphone.

  • MERIT03

    Help to battle the coronavirus.

  • MERIT04

    Support in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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FREE 7 Day Trial

All features from the menu and admin can be used during the trial period.

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03How QR Order works

Customers can order straight from their smartphones, with no need for special devices. Orders are printed immediately, and can be used for payment.

  • STEP01 Order via Smartphone

    Customers scan a QR code to display a menu, from which they can order.

  • STEP02 Preparation and Serving

    The order is printed automatically, freeing staff of the need to take down orders, and giving them more time to focus on providing service.

  • STEP03 Payment

    The printed receipts can be used to make the payment process smoother.

Improve your store's workflow!

Experience the menu.

Try the menu demo.
Simply load the QR Code with your smartphone.


Compared to other conventional self-order systems, the initial costs are low, and the running costs are very reasonable.!

  • Setup in just 1 week.

  • Can be used with POS register.

  • No need for apps or devices.

  • Support for 4 languages.

Free Trial Basic Plan Standard Plan
Fees $0 $0 $298 USD
Digital Menu
QR Code Order
Receipt Printing
POS System (Restrictions apply)
Manage Menus
Manage Orders (Restrictions apply)
Manage Stores
Manage Staff
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※This campaign applies to all businesses that subscribe by the end of 2021.
※This campaign will end when capacity is reached.
※This campaign can be amended or terminated at any time without prior notice.

  • ※The QR Order Staff Backend can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or PC. (No smartphone app needed)
  • ※Stores require internet access.
  • ※Necessary devices (printers/routers) will not be supplied during the free trial.
  • ※All prices exclude tax.
  • ※There is an initial fee of $2980, and monthly fee of $298.
  • ※Fees occur for each store.
  • ※Any POS accounts will need to be prepared by the store.
  • ※Printers will be supplied by us.
  • ※Each printer will require an electrical outlet.

FREE 7 Day Trial

All features from the menu and admin can be used during the trial period.

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