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to improve revenue!

01 Lower personnel costs!

Customers do the ordering
on their phones.

With QR Order, customers can order from your menu directly from their smartphones. This means lower costs and more freedom for wait staff.

02 Raise customer orders!

Easier ordering for customers
leads to higher sales.

Customers can use QR Order to order even when wait staff are unavailable.
Self-ordering means less wait-time for customers, quicker table turnover and increased revenue.

...Another reason to use QR Order.

Why invest in a system
that will  cost you  money?

※スタートキャンペーンは、2021年末までのご契約が対象となります。※お申し込み定員に達し次第終了となります。※キャンペーンは予告なく変更・終了する場合がございます。※2店舗目以降のご登録は、初期費用98,000円+月額費用9,800円が発生いたします。※QR Order管理ツールのご利用にはスマートフォンまたはタブレット・PCが必要となります。(専用アプリのインストールは不要です)※店舗ネットワーク環境のご準備が必要となります。※プリンタはすべて弊社より送付させていただきます。※プリンタ1台につき電源タップがひとつ必要となります。※価格は全て税抜表示となります。

brings  smiles!

01 Prevent Waits and Mistakes

Turn stress
to smiles.

During peak busy times, your store's customers may have difficulty getting the attention of wait staff. This can lead to undue stress and insatisfaction. With QR Order you can prevent this occurring and foster a stress-free experience for both your staff and customrtsd.
Also, since customers directly order from their phones, QR Order helps reduce complaints about mistaken orders.

02 Improve Service Quality

Save time,
improve service.

Get meals to your customers while their still hot. Get drinks to your customers quickly. Get tables cleared and cleaned for new customers. With QR Order, your wait staff will be free to improve service in so many more ways than currently possible.


Easy to use. Plenty of Features.
Self-ordering helps to bring a smile to everyone.

  • QR Code Order

    Customers simply read a QR Code from a table to begin ordering.

  • Auto-Translated Menus

    Your menu will be automatically translated into 4 languages.

    Basic Standard
  • All-you-can-eat Support

    All-you-can-eat functionality is supported and easy to setup.

    Basic Standard
  • Issuing Receipts

    A small printer will be provided for receipts and/or kitchen orders.

  • Digital Menu

    Your menu will be available on customer's phones, making paper menus unnecessary.

    Basic Standard
  • Order Management

    Customer orders arrive in real-time for your kitchen staff to start working on immediately.

  • Item Management

    Hide products on your menu, or display them as "sold out" to customers.

    Basic Standard
  • Store/Staff Management

    Multiple locations? No problem. All staff accounts can be setup once on a single domain.

    Basic Standard
Admin Settings
  • Takeout & Retail Mode
  • Analytics
  • POS Register
  • Re-Issue QR Codes
  • Payment Functionality
  • Currency Settings
  • Closing Time Settings
  • Language Settings
  • Notification Email Settings
Menu Settings
  • No. Customers & Phone No.
  • Limited Time Product Display
  • Takeout & Retail Mode
  • Show/Hide Prices and Tax
  • Payment Page Message Setting
Receipt Settings
  • Printer Settings per Product
  • Unit Price Print Settings
  • Session Check Feature
  • Cancelled Order Receipt Printing
  • Bill Receipt Print Settings
  • Custom Receipt Message Setting

Version updates and added functionality will be supported going forward at no extra cost.

External Service Integration

QR Order has integrated our service with the following external services to better provide the needs of our customers.
We plan to continue more integrations in the future.


Simple, Low-Cost & Stress Free

At present, the restaturant industry is seeing many changes
in the field of self-ordering.

However, tablet costs can be prohibitively expensive
and the ordering system can be difficult to use, or require other services to run properly...
The number of restaurateurs who best suits their needs and location is on the rise.

We are here to provide the best, simple-to-use and low-price solution for such small-business-owners, for their staff,
and ultimately to the customers of your store, pub or restaurant.

We look forward to helping you serve your customers,
and bringing smiles and a stress-free experience to everyone.


※スタートキャンペーンは、2021年末までのご契約が対象となります。※お申し込み定員に達し次第終了となります。※キャンペーンは予告なく変更・終了する場合がございます。※QR Order管理ツールのご利用にはスマートフォンまたはタブレット・PCが必要となります。(専用アプリのインストールは不要です)※店舗ネットワーク環境のご準備が必要となります。※プリンタはすべて弊社より送付させていただきます。※プリンタ1台につき電源タップがひとつ必要となります。※価格は全て税抜表示となります。

2 Plans Available - Starting at $0

All support and necessary devices are included. Everything can be setup in as little as one week!
Resounding cost-performance for your location.

Basic Plan


per month per store (tax exc)

This free plan allows your customers to view your menu
on their phones though they cannot order from them.
  • Digital Menu
  • Menu Auto-Translation
  • QR Code Ordering
  • Receipt Printing
  • POS Register Integration
  • Item Management
  • Order Management
  • Store Management
  • Staff Management
  • Covid-19 Tracking

Standard Plan


per month per store (tax exc)

Unlimited tables, unlimited products.
This plan gives you all features without restrictions.
  • Digital Menu
  • Menu Auto-Translation
  • QR Code Ordering
  • Receipt Printing
  • POS Register Integration
  • Item Management
  • Order Management
  • Store Management
  • Staff Management
  • Covid-19 Tracking

※All prices are tax exclusive.

Getting Started HOW QR Order WORKS

Contact us from our form.
From first contact until complete integration can be as short as a single week.

  • STEP1

    Contact Us

    Contact us from the form below for a simple consultation.

  • STEP2


    We will contact you and explain the process to begin using QR Order in your establishment.

  • STEP3


    If you subscribe, we will help with data entry, and installling necessary hardware.

  • STEP4


    Everything can be setup and ready to go in sometimes as little as one week.

Free Online Consultaion!

Contact Us

Customers use their smartphones to read a QR Code attached to their table.
This displays your menu, from which they send their order directly to a kitchen printer.

  • STEP1

    Order via Smartphone

    Customers read a QR Code from their table and order food & drink from their phones.

  • STEP2

    Prepare & Serve

    These orders go directly to a receipt printer, meaning your staff can receive orders without the need to visit tables.

  • STEP3


    The final bill can also printed, making the payment process smooth and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Yes, you can. You can use the service for free during the campaign period.
    In addition to the initial fee, you will not be charged any monthly fee for one month. The initial cost includes the receipt printer, Wi-Fi router, and other necessary equipment.
    We will provide total support from application to start of use, so please apply during the campaign period.

  • There are no cancellation fees.

  • Yes! Turn on the "Course" setting to enable this functionality.

  • Yes! It is possible to change seats from the order details screen.

  • Yes! At present, QROrder works with Blayn,Smaregi,Stera and Square.
    You will need a separate account with those services to use them.

  • Unfortunately no. QROrder only works with QROrder-supplied printers.
    Printers are under a 1 year warranty, and the costs for additional printers or replacements is quite reasonable.